Training curriculum introduction

We are the MdR training and education team. We strive to successfully position your products and services in the market, deliver high quality training and build long-term relationships with your customers.  

To achieve these objectives, your team needs to be able to correctly use your product knowledge and business skills. 

The MdR training & education team offers  a modular comprehensive training curriculum based on your specific wishes. We see it our task in offering you the information, background and materials needed to make your organization become even more successful. On top of that we are able to support your strategic tools for analysis and selling skills which will make your daily life easier when it comes to more complex situations.

We can inform you on all courses we are able to create for your organization. In case you have questions, please contact us directly.

Training and education tools supported

·     Fundamental training 

·     Product training
·     Advanced training
·     Surgical/technical skills
·     How to read a clinical paper
·     Workshop protocol

·     Operation room behaviour

·     Excellent selling skills

·     Competition management 
·     Train the trainer

Distance learning capabilities

·      Improve your knowledge and skills

·      Track the history and development

·      Improve the team’s performance

·      Increase the team overall productivity

·      Learning plan

·      On-demand access

·      Access to online courses, presentations etc

·      Updates with new products or techniques